Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

This year we did Snow White and the two dwarfs!  We started figuring out our costumes in April (I know I am a bit crazy but I love it!)  This was the theme we all finally agreed on.
All ready for school!

Snow White


The poison apple!

The evil queen!

Would you like an apple Snow White?


Oh no!

These guys will save the day!

The family!


Ming said...

Such a cute family costume! Violet doesn't look very poisonous though. She's looks so pretty. :)

Amy J said...

I am the same way about Halloween. I LOVE it and start thinking about it insanely early. Do you think working at Partyland made us this way? ;)

Jessica said...

Love the costumes!!! Dorothy is a very pretty Snow White and Violet is such a cute little apple! And Preston is a cute little grumpy too. :)

J-Leav said...

those are fantastic costumes. your little grumpy is adorable!

sara cardon said...

Wow! Your costumes are SO amazing!! I love that Violet is the apple-- too clever.:)

Pal & Hatty said...

Cute costumes - cute family! Sorry we missed seeing everyone all dressed up!!

Joan Morris said...

Great costumes, especially the wicked Queen.

Stephanie Black said...

You guys look fantastic! I am so impressed. I want to know how you get your kids to cooperate on the costumes. Mine won't have anything to do with what I have planned for them! You look great as the evil queen (not that your evil - just the costume dressup was awesome!).