Monday, November 21, 2011

Another 1/2!

I forgot to blog about this but since this blog is my family scrapbook I want to blog about it.  I ran a 1/2 marathon with Kelly, Kim and Lauren.  It was a much harder course than the last one but I still managed to beat my time by 10 minutes!  It was such a fun time we even dressed up (since it was the Halloween half and all.)  Not sure I want to run another 13.1 miles anytime soon but Kelly is *really* trying to convince me to run one in January, and a full in June!  But not sure I am up for either!
Carbo loading!

Bat makeup!

Before 13.1 miles (suckers!)

After the run

Standing on the winners box (pretending I won!)

Will I run another one?  YES!!!  Anytime soon... doubtful I am still exhausted!

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