Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn!!

Breaking Dawn part I came out last week and a *small* group of 52 ladies all went together!  It was a blast and I LOVED the movie!  I am soooo excited for Part II (our goal next time is to have over 100!)
All ready to go... Team Jacob all the way!

We made little goodie bags for everyone!

Most of the group!

Ready for the movie to start!

With our *dates!*


J-Leav said...

It was a great movie! How fun you went with so many friends

sara cardon said...

So fun! That is crazy you had such a big group! I was supposed to go with some church friends here but they all ended up canceling last minute, so now I have to wait until my mom comes out for Christmas.:)

Kathy Rose said...

I LOVED Part I and can't wait for Part II. Holy cow your group was HUGE. :) How fun!