Thursday, June 16, 2011

Run run as fast as you can!

Last weekend I ran my first race (it's been on my New Year's Resolution list since 2008) it was really fun!  I had great support because Kelly and Allison ran it too!  I surprisingly took 6th place in my age group (I know what?!)  I cannot wait for my 10K next month (after I go to the Dr tomorrow and get the OK because I am having feet *issues*!)
This is me before the race showing the ladies my *RS arms!*

Most of the ladies that ran!

Crossing the finish line, notice the older lady in pink right behind me!

Enjoying our Creamy bars after the race.

Now that I am a "runner" and all I had to take some pictures to prove it!


Elise said...

I love it- now that I'm a "runner" that's kinda how I feel...great job! Crossing that finish line does something to you, it feels good and makes you want to do it again. Funny, we both ran our first races on sat. good day for "running" I guess! :)

Stephanie Black said...

Way to go! I'm so glad you did it! You look great and I'm sure it feels so good to have accomplished that.

The Brousseau Family said...

WAY TO GO!!! Such a wonderful feeling crossing the finish line.

Joan Morris said...

Good job Tricia! You'll have to come to our Cougar Fun run next year. I'll even supply you with a BYU T shirt!

Kay Hinton said...

Nice work, Tricia . . .and Kelly and Allison, too. I am so impressed.

Shonna said...

Way to go girls!!! That's awesome you accomplished your goal. And I hope your feet are okay to do the next one.

Pal & Hatty said...

I am so proud of you girls! You all did a great job! I hope your feet get better so you can run the 10 K!

Riggs Familia said...

Great job!
I still remember when you told me in Denver you had no desire to run in a race! :)
Yay for doing things you don't expect. It's amazing what the future can bring, 'eh?