Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dorothy's dance recital!!!

I know what you are thinking... another recital?  Yup, but this is the last one till next year!  They had the *CUTEST* dance in the recital while dancing to the song "Ghostbusters!"  Here are pictures of my little star!
Such a little ham!

Fan Club!

The cousins (who BTW all made it into mini-company 2!)


Of course flowers after the performance!!!  


Shonna said...

What a pretty little dancer girl!

Pilar said...

great job Dorothy!

Pal & Hatty said...

Sorry we missed it! Dorothy is a great little dancer!

The Clark Family said...

Dorothy is so cute! And what fun with all the dancing. Hope you guys are doing well.

Stephanie Black said...

That's such a cute and spunky dance costume. Love the socks!