Sunday, December 5, 2010

Red blooded battle!!

We had our annual "Holy war party!" it was a good time as always and we had a really great time!!  I have to say the best part was when the Utes won!!!
"bad chips" and "good chips!"

Kelly decided to make Violet a BYU fan!
That's OK because Sareya and Lillian decided to switch teams all on their own!
Woidka family
The Mickelsen kids!!



J-Leav said...

It totally cracks me up that you call it the Holy War!

Shannon said...

Violet doesn't look to happy to have a BYU shirt on in that picture! I don't blame her! ;)

Kay Hinton said...

Go Kelly!!! Sareya and Lillian, come back! Come back to the good side!! It looks like a lot of fun, if a bit divisive.

Shonna said...

LOL! I'm w/ the Woidkas and most of the Mickelsens on this one. Go cougs!

Elise said...

Fun!! Cute little cheerleaders! What do you think of the Bowl match-up with Boise State?

I am gathering addresses for christmas cards, will you email me yours?

Kathy Rose said...

The game was good...til the end. :) We're BYU fans!! I love the chip bags. And I love how your fam is all wearing the team that they're for. How fun!

Jessica said...

What fun! I need to go to one of these someday, and I'd be rooting for the cougars all the way!