Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mo-Tab Christmas Concert!

James and I headed up to SLC to attend the Mo-Tab Christmas concert.  We had to get there almost two hours early (unlike every other year we have gone) because David Archuletta was performing and it was PACKED!!  The concert was beautiful and inspiring, I truly felt the spirit testify of the birth of a tiny baby in Bethlehem so long ago.  We felt so blessed to have tickets and to be able to attend!
Waiting for an hour in our seats before the concert!

The beautiful production!

Walking around Temple Square!

It is so beautiful at Christmas time!

James wanted me to get a picture of "Season's Beatings!"

Heading home after a wonderful night out!


Joan Morris said...

That would be my dream some day to attend the Mo-Tab Christmas concert! You lucky ducks. What a fun evening! Ask James what he thinks about those BSU Broncos ;)

Lilit said...
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Lilit said...

Go Cougars! :D

ps love that white coat!!!

Shannon said...

What a fun evening!!

Pilar said...

fun! what a fun thing to do for a date.

Kay Hinton said...