Monday, February 22, 2010

Because some friendships are forever!!!

Last weekend our wonderful friends the Goldthorpe's came to Utah for a dental convention. We were lucky enough to spend a day hanging out with them! We became fast friends with them during our four years living in Florida. Karen and I swear it's our "Idaho roots" that drew us to each other! We had so much fun catching up and hanging out with them! (Sorry the pictures are a little grainy I forgot my camera so you get pictures from my iPhone!)
The girls eating at Tucano's!

The "Dr's"

They bring around all the meat you can eat!!
Oddly enough the kids LOVED the chicken hearts
Violet enjoying the rolls!


Kathy Rose said...

How fun! We've made some GREAT friends here in Logan and I'm sad to be leaving them. Hopefully we'll be able to get together with them again like you guys were able to. I bet you had so much fun!

Lilit said...

oh I miss Tucanos, I heart that place!
p.s YUMMY chicken hearts!!! kids know the best! you should try 'em next time! they taste like chicken! ;D

Goldthorpe Family! said...

That was SO fun. You guys ROCK!