Friday, February 12, 2010

100 Days of school!

Dorothy's school had a party for 100 days of school. They were suppose to wear 100 of something on their shirt. Well once Dorothy found out that Lillian her cousin had 100 flowers on her shirt she had to have the same thing! It took FOREVER but she was sooooooo happy when it was done!
The 100 club!

100 flowers!

Dorothy and her Valentine's box I worked on with her until late in the night!


Kay Hinton said...

Oh, I'd definitely choose flowers, too. That looks so beautiful. Or candy . . candy would be good.

Meg said...

i love little miss muffit, but Dor just a little bit more!!! Cutest little flower i ever seen! You should have seen Bay's blah blah red wrapping and heart tissue paper! i'm not motivatied....I need to work on that!!!