Sunday, September 9, 2007

Little Buddy can now sit up!!

Preston is growing sooooo fast I hardly know what to think!! He just learned to sit up this week and can almost crawl!! He has been a belly sleeper from day one so I am not that surprised when he gets up on his hands and knees and tries to crawl. The funny thing is as soon as he moves his hands forward he falls on his face. He cannot support all of his weight on one hand yet..... He likes to sit up and look around mostly for Dorothy's toys to grab; either that or her hair!!! I just love all of these cute baby stages but it makes me sad how fast it's all going by!!!

I guess we should call him "Big Buddy"now that he's so grown up!!


Christy Denney said...

I think he looks so much like Dorothy now! He is so cute!

elkebker said...

It's so good to get caught up on the last few months! I can't believe how big Preston has gotten...and that he's sitting up! It goes WAY too fast! Thank goodness for camera's huh? At least we can look back and remember. We miss you guys too much!

The Clark Family said...

I agree with Christy, he really does look like Dorothy! Preston is growing up so fast and is so cute. We miss you guys! Kenna keeps telling me that she wants to go to Colorado!