Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cocoa's $1,000 drama!

Our *brilliant* neighbors decided to sprinkle DeCon all over their yard (to get rid of mice) and poor little Cocoa went over there and got into it and ate some!  She was acting up and I had no idea what was wrong (I prayed really hard the night before taking her in I would know what to do by morning) and the next morning she literally could not even walk!  I rushed her to the vet and was there when they opened!  We found out she was bleeding to death internally and had to check her into the vet hospital!  She stayed 2 days and had a blood transfusion and then came home with lots of meds and Dr's orders!  We feel so blessed our little puppy is ok!  If only our *smart* neighbors would clean up the mess from the DeCon (which by the way is illegal to dump DeCon out of the box!)
*No the neighbors did not pay the bill, they are now denying they even dumped the DeCon???!!!

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