Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day!

The kids woke up early showered and got ready for the day (I know I am cruel and make them do that first!)  Then out to see what Santa brought!  Later we had soup for dinner mmmmmm crab bisque and hung out played the game Awkward Family photo's (which is really fun BTW!)
James taking Ruby to see her gifts!  What she wanted (according to the kids)
1.  A baby kitchen
2.  Baby princess doll
3.  A winter coat!

Violet with her gifts
What she wanted:
1.  Minnies Bow-tique (with cart and cash register)
2.  Rapunzel dress-up
3.  Dr McStuffins kit, bouncy cow, Lalaloopsy!
Yeah she wanted waaaay more than 3 things!

Preston with his gifts (it nearly killed him to take that picture!)
What he wanted:
1.  Angry Birds kinect
2.  Remote control car
3.  iplay train set

Dorothy thrilled with her toys!
She asked for:
1.  A bathroom bag (a makeup bag?!  I have no idea why!)
2.  Color Splashers jewlery kit
3.  iHome alarm clock/docking station

I got the kids each a chair from Pottery Barn Kids and they LOVE them!  They are always hauling them from one room to another, and it also helped me get rid of the bean bags!

Ruby and I on Christmas night!  Santa did not disappoint this year for sure!  James got some tools, movies, a remote control helicopter and clothes.  I got Cocoa's vet bill paid, clothes, two new coats, workout clothes (yay!) and a gift card to Anthro to buy some more clothes!  I know but I was really dying for some new stuff since having the baby!

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