Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Off to Kauai

We decided to take a family trip to Kauai when Ruby was 6 weeks old!  We were lucky enough to go with my parents and brother.  Our flight time was bumped up and we had to leave at 3am to get there, the kids were really good considering!

Eating breakfast at the San Francisco airport!

This little baby was a champ on the plane!

Dorothy and I after two long flights!

First thing we did was stop and get something to eat!

Violet picked me some flowers!

So I put it behind my ear!

Lunch is ready mmmmmmm fish tacos!  They were SO GOOD!

After checking in the hotel we went to the swimming pool/beach area there!

It was paradise!

This almost sums up most of our vacation!  We woke up day 2 and headed straight for the pool!

Dorothy doing a backflip into the pool (you can see how the pool area and beach are connected!)

Ruby's first time at the pool!

Violet enjoying a Mai Tai at the pool!

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