Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Extra Free Day!

We had a red eye flight home and after waiting at the airport 5 hours we were informed that our plane would not leave that night because of a cracked engine.  We were tired and irritated at the airline because of all the miscommunication!  They made up for it with $150 worth of food vouchers and a stay at a 5 star hotel!  We got one free day in Kauai and enjoyed the day at the pool and eating and eating!
Our hotel had 7 pools and a water slide!!!

Violet was standing here saying "I'm so tan!"

Drinking Pina Colada's by the pool!

After our flight the attendants let the kids go into the cockpit and take pictures, they loved it!


Elise said...

There's a reason why they call it paradise!! Beautiful pictures, you guys are so adventurous! Violet is so funny, and yes she is tan! Love that baby she is a doll!

Shonna said...

Awesome!!! Love the free day! My in-laws just got back from Kauai this past weekend. I wonder if you were there the same time?