Monday, July 20, 2015

NWP Ragnar!

We flew to Seattle to run the Northwest Passage Ragnar.  It was my favorite Ragnar so far!  The scenery was stunning and running at sea level.... EASY!!!!!  It was so easy to breath!!!  We had so much fun playing in Seattle for 2 days before the race and then running all over Whidby island.  Our team was so much fun and the memories we made are priceless!  I want to run this Ragnar again...  Maybe in a few years since next year we are running in Hawaii!!!!

In Seattle!!!

The starting line was in a park that is half Canada and Half USA!

This was the scenery...  UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
Our van!

Right before our last run!!!

So many good times and amazing friendships!!!

I made it to the Ragnar front page with this picture!!!

Dinner after the race with our team!!!

On the ferry to go home!  It was beautiful and amazing!!!!

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