Sunday, October 19, 2014

Goblin Valley!

During Fall break this year we decided to head down to Goblin valley for some camping, hiking and fun!!  We spent the first day in the Goblins hiking around and climbing all over them.  The kids were in heaven and well I was a bit stressed!  Some of the goblins are really tall and little Pressy would scurry right up to the top in 3 seconds flat!  We went through a cave that had a tiny hole as the way out, we had to lift each kids up and Jon and James were on the other side grabbing them and pulling them up.  The kids thought it was awesome and Allison and I did not want to experience 'the birth canal' so we climbed out and around!  We camped right next to the mountain and the kids had "cousin camp" where they learned songs, hiked around our little campsite and collected stuff!  After pancakes, bacon and hot cocoa we headed off to little wild horse canyon.  It's a canyon that is very very narrow in some spot and you hike through the slotted canyon.  It was stunning and the kids climbed all over the place.  Some spots only one person can fit through at a time so the kids decided they would climb up and over everyone!  They had so much fun!  After lunch we headed home and all of them were out like a light!!!  I guess 2 days of hard hiking and staying up late finally caught up with them!

Preston at 'rock bottom'!

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