Sunday, September 7, 2014

Nebo half!!

I ran the Nebo half marathon with Kim and Allison.  We had so much fun training and getting ready for the race!  The night before we all went to dinner (Emily too because she was running a different race the next day too)!  Early Saturday morning we left for the 1/2, we had to be on the bus at 5:15!!  The race started at 7 and boy was it cold!!!  We were making record time but at about mile 6 I had tummy troubles!!  We would have come in around 2:10 but I really slowed us down!  I felt awful and kept telling them to go ahead, but we decided before the race that we would all finish together!!!  I am so blessed to have such amazing supportive friends!  To top off a horrible race the clock apparently stopped working?  So my time was never recorded!  According to my Garmin we came in at exactly 2:30 which was not too bad considering the 3 bathroom stops!  I cannot wait to redeem myself next year and run it again!
Dinner the night before!

On the bus up and at the start and finish!

I look like I am fake smiling because I was!!  I was so sick!!!  
I went home and spent the rest of the day in the bathroom and bed!  
I also had a fever, so I think I may have had a bug!!

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Jessica said...

So sorry you were sick, that just ruins your race! At least you had such great running partners!!