Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jenny Oaks Baker!!

Dorothy was lucky enough to participate in the Jenny Oaks Baker workshop, she had to learn a few songs and then they learned how to play them with more feeling and expression.  They put on a concert after the workshop, and Jenny played for about 30 minutes after the kids did.  She also talked about violin and what motivated her.  She was so amazing and such a wonderful example of a successful LDS woman.  She has been nominated for 2 grammy's and yet talks about how that is meaningless compared how important being a role of mother is.  She also talked about how her parents (apostle Dallin H Oaks) influenced who she became.  She said that the Lord has superseded any expectation she ever had for her life and she knows that is because she always tries to follow the spirit.  She does a few workshops a year and performs a few times a year as well.  She is one of the world's most talented violinists yet she chooses to stay home with her kids!  She is an amazing example of a woman to look up to!
She was so sweet and beautiful!

During the concert!

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