Monday, May 12, 2014

Women's Conference!!

I was lucky enough to attend Women's conference this year!  I went with a few of my friends and it was so uplifting and really helped motivate me to want to become a better wife, mother and follower of Jesus Christ.  My favorite talk was by Stephanie Nielsen who writes the Nie Nie dialogues she talked about using the power of social media for good!!!  She said post away, but before you post ask yourself these questions.  Am I dressed appropriately?  Do I represent the standards of the church?  Is my post uplifting?  Will people want to know more about the gospel because of me?  She also told us to make our facebook and Instagram accounts public, let people look into our worlds and see what we as Mormons are all about!  She is amazing and sweeter in person than I ever would have thought.  I became best friends with her and we actually chatted before her talk and at the book signing (then she commented on my Instagram account) it was a WONDERFUL day and I cannot wait until next year!!!

I also ran into Susan Taylor (one of my mom's best friends) 
and my YW President!!

With my ladies!!!

See we are besties!!!

We took like 1,000 photos for the WC photo contest and WON!!!  
YAY!!!  Free tickets for next year!!!

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