Sunday, April 20, 2014


I love Easter it's one of my favorite holiday's!!  I took the challenge this year suggested by the church where you use the hash tag #becauseofhim and each day you make a post about what you have been given because of him.  It was the perfect way to see the wonderful gifts that I enjoy in my life because of him.  I enjoyed that challenge and the focus it helped me obtain during the week of Easter!
The Easter bunny came (on Saturday)!!!

Getting into baskets and then ready for the community Easter egg hunt.  I love that 
our little neighborhood puts on it's own egg hunt, we all bring breakfast and t
hen the kids go get the eggs and prizes!!!

Dyeing Easter eggs!!!

The kids LOVE this tradition, I have major anxiety about it 
and dye being spilled all over!

All ready for church in our new Easter clothes!!!

Yes we match and yes I totally planned it!!!

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