Friday, September 9, 2011

Little Soccer Star!!!

Dorothy is such a talented soccer player, during her first game she scored the first (and only) goal of the game!  She has control of the ball about 60% of the time her team has the ball and she only wants to play 'forward' since she like to score goals!  She will not be the goalie because she has to wait way too long for the other team to try and score (read: boring!)  She is very aggressive and super fast, I keep scratching my head because I am the least athletic person I know!  James was pretty good at soccer so I think she must have gotten it from him... and he is a fast runner (since it can run a mile a few minutes faster than I)  We are so proud of her and James keeps telling me to keep my *cheerleader* voice down since I am constantly loudly cheering my little all-star on!!!
Going to get the ball (this was like 30 seconds before her goal!)

Proud mommy and the little star!

Part of her fan club!

Getting Preston after the game since he heads to the park and plays for the entire game!  It's good because he can't wait till next year when he gets to play and tries to *play* with the team too!


Bridian said...

You look super pretty in that picture with Dorothy!

Pal & Hatty said...

Yea Dorothy! she must take after her namesake - Mom was a great tennis player and that is athletic also!

Stephanie Black said...

I think we should put Dorothy and Mackanzie on the same team and they would rock it...although they seem to do pretty good on their own! Mackenzie is crazy amazing at soccer and we are sooo not athletic, so I hear ya! Anyways, lets see some more house pics! I'm excited for you - the big day is tomorrow right?! Thinking of you!

Kay Hinton said...

She is a cute little soccer star. Takes me back to many hours spent on the soccer field, yelling, um, cheering! Our rule was it's okay to be loud as long as nothing negative ever comes out of your mouth. Believe me, we did a lot of positive cheering through the years.

Joan Morris said...

Good job Dorothy! I miss those Saturday soccer games, so enjoy them while you can!

sara cardon said...

Soccer is such a great sport to play! She looks adorable in her little uniform!