Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Speedy Spainard!

I got this *great* idea to sign up for a 10K (6.2 miles) a few months ago and took the plunge.  The kids wanted to run the 1 mile run and so we signed them up.  James was a good sport and let me run the 10K while he took the kids to do the 1 mile even though he wanted to do the 10K too.  I guess next year we will switch!  It was really fun to run it even though I felt awful at the end of the race which ended up being the barf flu!
The kids before the *big race!*

Allison and I after the race

James and Violet were a great team (Violet sat on his shoulders and yelled "run faster daddy!"

The kids after the big race!

Me and my little Pressy boy!

*I know it looks like all of a sudden I am really into running, but I actually have been running since Preston was 5 months and recently decided to start doing races.*


Shonna said...

Way to run as a family; that's awesome! So sorry you got the flu though. Yuck!

Shauna said...

very fun! I don't enjoy running at all but I'm glad you! I like the group fitness classes (Turbo kick and Zumba!)you look great and it's fun to have your kids join in on the fun.

The Clark Family said...

I actually ran a race two days after I had the flu several years ago. That was hard enough, I can't even imagine running one as it was coming on. But that is awesome, next up a marathon, right? I will never run a marathon but always root other people on!!

Amber said...

You look awesome! Your always doing such fun things. I can't believe your kids are so big.

sara cardon said...

Good for you! You look hot!