Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Years!

We really love this holiday!  This year we had cheese fondue and ribs (from Texas Roadhouse and yes they were AMAZING!)  We spent the night playing games, rock band, planning our upcoming trip, and staying up till 3!!
Little New Year's baby!
Time to put the kids down and let the party begin!

Rock Band

Conrad and Adam rocking out!!

Happy 2011!!!


Ming said...

I agree it is such a fun holiday. Looks like a great night!

Kay Hinton said...

Looks like fun. So where are you guys going on your trip????

Elise said...

3 in the morning?? You guys are party animals!! Wanna know how I rang in the new year--I was trying to put Joslyn back to sleep and fell asleep myself!! HAHA

The Clark Family said...

You guys are party animals. I am sad to admit that I went to bed at 11 on New Years Eve. My dad was the only one to make it to 12. We are lame!

Bridian said...

Your kitchen is so cool! Seriously I love it. haha

Joan Morris said...

Looks like a party! That is so fun that you all got to be together!