Thursday, November 25, 2010

What I am most grateful for...

I have so many things to be grateful for this holiday, so I wanted to take the time and write down a few of them.
1.  My family including my wonderful children who bring me my highest high's and lowest low's.  My husband who is the best father and even better partner.  My wonderful parents who have helped me so much this year as well as my siblings.  Also my in-laws who are so loving and always willing to help!
2.  The gospel without it I would be lost and incomplete.  It has helped me develop a relationship with my Savior which has helped me so much especially this year.
3.  This wonderful Country we live in and all of those who have sacrificed so much to help keep it free.
4.  Change, we moved a year ago yesterday and have gone through so much change.  I have really come to understand myself better with each move we have made!  I am a FIRM believer that each couple needs to move away from home for a few years and figure out who they really are and what they are made of!
5.  All of the wonderful memories we have made this last year!  My life is truly filled with joy and happiness!  I look forward to what this next year brings!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 

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Michelle said...

What a great, inspiring post. I agree - we all have so much to be grateful for. How sweet that your kids voluntarily cleaned! Your blog is so cute - I love how you make your own headings.